Welcome to Moto-Bra

Moto-bra is the first ever totally removable, flexible, aerodynamic accessory of its kind designed to increase rider comfort and protection levels.

Moto-bra acts as a faring to divert wind, bugs, stones, and debris away from the motorcycle and rider. Cutting down the amount of wind that comes in contact with the rider, will help keep them warm and comfortable. Diverting bugs, stones, and debris means their ride will be much safer and more enjoyable. Do not forget that precious paint job either. The “Moto-bra” also helps protect your bike from flying stones, and those annoying bug splats. Isn’t that what it is all about anyway; a safe, comfortable, enjoyable ride?

Moto-bra is easy to install and can be put on in just seconds. Moto-bra removes quickly and folds compactly for easy storage in a saddlebag or roll. One of the best things about the “Moto-bra” is that it is removable. You can put it on and take it off when you want to, unlike big bulky hardware and fiberglass farings that are installed and left on forever.

No need for those large, long, oversized windshields either. The Moto-bra can be used with a smaller windshield and get virtually the same results. Imagine using the Moto-bra with a removable windshield, it would be like having two motorcycles. You would be able to have your sleek street cruiser and easily turn it into a road bike by adding the Moto-bra and windshield.

Moto-bra is not only functional it looks great too. Moto-bra is made of an attractive, sleek material that is both durable and waterproof. The reverse side is lined with soft fabric that will not scratch the chrome or paint. The attachment hooks are also coated to prevent scratching.

The Moto-bra can also be personalized with a brand logo or emblem or even your favorite saying. This will really make you stand out and your bike a one of a kind.

The optional fringe side trim can also be install in seconds and adds an even better look to your bike.

The Moto-bra realistically can be made in 3 sizes (S,M,and L) to fit most every street bike going.








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